Increasing your search ranking on Taproll via social activity

We believe that a good indicator of the quality of interaction you’ll have with a professional on Taproll via their profile is the level of social activity that their profile generates. Social activity is roughly defined as:

  • Fan relationships
  • Testimonials
  • Comments & likes on photos

If lots of people like your profile, you’ll likely have more fans, comments, likes and testimonials – and we can accordingly guess that other people might like your profile as well.

Going along these lines, we’ve designed Taproll’s search engine to take social activity into account, and thus profiles with lots of activity on them will show up before profiles with less activity on them. The next question, of course, is then, how do I boost the level of activity on my profile? The wrong answer is to try to fake out our system by adding testimonials by yourself (you’ll be penalized for such silly things). There are a number of good ways to boost your social activity:

  • Fan other professionals (they often will fan you back) – liking and commenting works well too
  • Invite your friends & family to check out your profile and fan you (we’ve made it really easy so it just takes a second for them to do it)
  • Refer new professionals to Taproll (they’ll usually fan you as well)
  • Ensure that you have high quality photos on your profile – you’re far more likely to attract likes and comments

So have fun and be social on Taproll, and you’ll benefit with more visits and best of all, more client leads!

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