New on Taproll: keywords, more photo uploads, global currencies, and more

As announced on Friday, we just launched a major revision to Taproll, centered around our new search and keywords platform. There were numerous other key changes as a part of this launch which we didn’t get to in our last post, so here they are:

  • Keywords: you can now claim keywords to target the exact search queries that are relevant to your business (as detailed in Friday’s post)
  • More Photos: Free members can now upload up to 10 high-resolution portfolio images, and PROs can now upload unlimited photos to their Taproll profile
  • Global currencies: You can now list your rates and fees in US Dollars, Euros, Yen, Canadian Dollars, or whatever your local currency happens to be.
  • Set your Hourly rate: Set your hourly rate (in addition to project-based fee) and show up in searches for specific hourly rates
  • Longer bio / greeting: We’ve extended the text you can include in your Bio – this text is also covered by our search engine, so make it relevant to your audience and include target keywords
  • Physical address, map and phone number: If you’d like to advertise your physical address and phone# you can do so under Edit Settings, Users will then see a map of your location on your profile.
  • More links to Google Plus, Yelp, etc: All members can now advertise up to 7 social media links – and as always, these are free backlinks to boost your SEO on all your sites.

We’re excited about the growth we’ve seen on Taproll (we are now well past 1,000 professional members) as well as the quality and professionalism we’ve seen across the site. We think these new changes we’ve launched will further accelerate our progress towards becoming the defacto visual search engine for hiring talented local professionals in cities across the globe. We’re glad to have you on board, keep up the great work, and keep spreading the word about Taproll!

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