Referral networks: Who do you as photographers want to network with?

From day one, Taproll has been focused on providing the best venue for photographers to showcase their work, and meet potential clients. We think we’ve had a great start in this direction.

Beyond this, we also envision Taproll being a great place to network professionally with other creative professionals. Photographers are constantly collaborating with other creative types, and in our eyes, Taproll can not only be a great place to meet clients, it can also be a great place to meet and collaborate with other creative professionals.

To this end, we are working on a new set of features which open Taproll up to non-photographers, and enable collaboration, referrals and more communication among various types of creative professionals.

To help us get these features right, we wanted open up the discussion and hear your thoughts on the subject of professional networks and referrals. Here are a couple questions we’re curious to hear your thoughts on:

  1. What types of non-photographer professionals would you most like to see on Taproll?
  2. What types of interactions or activities with these other pros would you find to be the most useful or beneficial for your business?

Please share your thoughts here in the comments, or on our Facebook page. We’re looking forward to hearing your opinions!

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