Taproll Elite Program: Now accepting applications

Many of you have been waiting for the rollout of our Elite program on Taproll. We’re pleased to announce that this program is finally available and open for applications. How it works:

What do Elites do?

  • Elites help grow the community by referring new members to Taproll. You may mention us when meeting with colleagues, attending events, working on a project with other professionals, or just on your blog or Facebook. In general, we’ll look for 5 referred members coming in from your profile each month as a guideline, but this is not a hard and fast rule. By being an Elite, we hope that you’ll be motivated to share the benefits of joining Taproll with people in your network.
  • Elites participate in feedback sessions, providing your opinions and insights into feature ideas and development plans for Taproll. Your voice will help direct the vision of our site.
  • Elites represent the community on Taproll. With excellent profiles of their own, Elites will be encouraged to welcome new users, help get their profiles up to standard, fan new users they like, and help flag bugs or other problems on the site back to the Taproll team.

As an Elite member, you have access to:

  • Special status, in the form of a blue Elite badge on your profile
  • Free, ongoing access to Taproll PRO features:
  • Unlimited photo uploads to your profile
  • 50 SEO keywords to target yourself to more searches
  • Higher priority / placement in searches

We’re also pleased to congratulate Taproll’s first Elite member, Otto Shulze, a well-known and respected photographer specializing in Leica photography in NYC and beyond.

How can I apply to be an Elite?

The first step to being eligible for Taproll Elite is to reach 10 referrals via your profile. Simply share your Taproll URL, and when your friends and colleagues visit your page, then create their own profile which is then approved, you’ll earn a credit for a referral. (Get more details on Referrals by logging into Taproll and clicking “Refer“)

Once you reach 10 referrals, simply send an email to elite@taproll.com, letting us know that you’d like to be considered as an Elite member. Be sure to check your profile, ensure that your photos look good, and you have complete and accurate information in your profile. We’ll review your account and provide a response, typically in 2 to 4 days.

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