The Big Search Box, Finally on Taproll

More than once I’ve been asked (when people are checking out Taproll): “Where’s the big search box?”

Well, tonight, we’ve launched the “big search box” that everyone has been waiting for. Now, you can simply type in whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s “black and white photography” or “nature” or “baby photographer” and instantly start scrolling through profiles that match what you’re looking for.

Try it out yourself, we think you’ll agree that this is a very cool and new experience. Typically, we’re used to getting back a list of links when we search for something. Now with Taproll, you type in your search and instantly start flipping through lots of stunning photos, with the end goal of finding the perfect professional to meet your needs.

Pros: Setup your keywords!

If you are a Taproll professional – be sure to login to your profile and setup your keywords so you come up in more search results. You can now pick up to 20 keywords (60 for PROs) describing exactly what you do. Keywords can be anything you think people would search for when looking for your services, examples might include:

  • artistic
  • architecture
  • food
  • pets
  • hdr
  • studio
  • soft focus
  • abstract
  • destination wedding
  • trash the dress

We’ve already gone ahead and converted any sub-categories you chose into keywords, but you can add to these as you like.

Other key changes: we’ve expanded your welcome message to a much longer length so you can fully describe yourself and your services. We’ve also included more contact links for sites such as Google Plus and Yelp. You can also now include your business phone number and address (if desired, these are purely optional) and you’ll get a little map included in your profile.

Refer Event Planners, Lighting Experts, Caterers & more and Earn Credits

Probably the most significant aspect of ┬áthis launch, however, is that we’ve expanded beyond photographers. While photography will always be the at core of Taproll, we also recognize that consumers search for all types of local professionals, and professionals network locally with many other types of professionals. Our mission is not just to be the world’s simplest way to find a great photographer, its to be the world’s easiest way to find and hire a great local professional. You’ll hear more about how we plan to extend Taproll’s reach beyond photographers and become a larger community of creative local professionals who network together and find new business in ways never thought of before.

In the meantime – its also important to note that you can now refer more types of professionals to Taproll – so refer the great people in your network who you think will love what we’re doing here at Taproll.

Do you know any great:

  • lighting professionals
  • models
  • hair stylists
  • makeup artists
  • event planners
  • interior designers
  • architects
  • award-winning pastry chefs?

You already know that Taproll is a great venue for marketing yourself through photography – share the news with your colleagues and friends and earn additional free months of Taproll PRO (every 5 referrals gives you 1 free month).

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